WPML Add-On Support – Your Key to Enhancing Salesforce Customer Portal

WPML Add-On Support – Your Key to Enhancing Salesforce Customer Portal

Sulabh Chauhan

April 2nd, 2021

To enhance the Salesforce customer portal user experience, CRMJetty has now started offering support for WordPress Multilingual Plugin. If you also are looking to translate your portal text in your customer portal, our WPML add-on support can be the right fit for you.

Before going into the details of how WPML add-on support can benefit your business, let’s first understand the basics of WPML.

What is WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)?

WordPress Multilingual Plugin, as the name indicates, is a plugin for WordPress users that helps them build multilingual websites and manage them. By integrating WPML, you can translate posts, pages, menus, taxonomy, and theme texts.

WPML comes with several features that can benefit your WordPress translation as below.

1. WPML makes it easy to manage a multilingual website with a single WP installation. You can pick one or more languages for your site and translate the content. It supports over 40 languages and the addition of language variants (like Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, etc.).

It lets you arrange multiple language content in the same domain but in different language directories, in sub-domains, or entirely different domains.

2. WPML features state-of-the-art translation management through which you can assign different translation jobs to specific translators. You can also connect this translation management with your preferred translation service.

3. Managing a multilingual e-commerce site is easy with WPML. It shows the text that you need to translate and builds a fully translated store for you. You can translate everything from product listing, cart, or checkout to confirmation emails to localize customers’ shopping experience.

4. WPML sets you free from the hassle of editing portal object (PO) files and uploading machine object (MO) files. It enables the translation of texts in other plugins or Admin screens straight from the String Translation Interface.

5. WPML eliminates the need to put extra effort into creating themes supporting multi-language. You can simply use the WordPress API function to create them with the help of WPML.

Overview of Salesforce Customer Portal – WPML AddOn

Our Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress is a highly secure and scalable customer portal solution for Salesforce. You can get help optimizing your business operations and overcome all your productivity challenges with our portal.

To help you make it easy for you to translate your Salesforce portal, we have added our latest feature – support for WPML integration. Now, you can integrate a customer portal in your website with Salesforce as the backend framework and WordPress as the front-end interface.

With the flexibility of third-party integrations it now provides, you can configure the WPML plugin to translate your WordPress pages to multiple languages in no time.

There are several benefits that the support for the WPML add-on provides to the users of our Salesforce client portal.

  • Enhanced Customer ExperienceWPML add-on support helps you provide a 100% localized shopping experience to your portal users (customers.). With the freedom to view portal content in their regional language, they find your portal more useful and customer-oriented. This helps you build trust in them and increase your customer’s loyalty.
  • Easy Sync with Salesforce Client Portal ContentOur Add-On support allows you to easily access and sync the Salesforce client portal’s strings and navigation menus.
  • Faster TranslationYou can translate one or more pages into different languages by copying the content from original pages for your portal users based on their region and preference.
  • Custom Language SwitcherWPML add-on lets you enable and customize the language switcher for different pages like Login, Forgot Password, Register, Dashboard pages, and menus. You can include a flag, native language, name in the current language, colors of the language switcher.

One of the biggest advantages of the WPML add-on support is that it allows translation of the static content of your portal pages.

If you think you need a language translator plugin for your Salesforce customer portal, WPML-add on can be the right fit for you.

Features of Salesforce Client Portal Add-On Support

A. For Customers

There are a few front-side features that you can get by using the add-on support for the Salesforce client portal. These features can contribute to elevating your customer experience a lot.

  • Choice of LanguagesOnce you install the plugins for WPML and complete the Salesforce portal content configuration, your customers can pick their preferred language to view the portal.
  • Regional LoginOnce the WPML configuration is complete, customers can select their regional language to log in to the portal. The login page and portal modules get converted to their selected language after they pick their language option.
  • Language SwitcherAfter the WPML configuration, you can customize and add multiple languages to your language switcher. Your customers can switch to their regional language and access the portal content in real-time with a language switcher. After they switch to another language, the URL also gets changed to the target language URL format.

    The portal users will also get to view the Menus, login, registration pages, etc., in their chosen language as you have translated and configured with WPML setup.

  • Translated PagesThe portal users can also access and view the pages in a specific language that your portal users select in your Salesforce client portal.

B. For Admin

Static string translation is one of the essential features that the admin can get and leverage.

After the admin scans the plugins to access the strings, they can sync and search the string to a specific language. For that, you need to select the domain you intend to translate strings for. You can also apply filters to search particular strings to translate faster.

After you locate all the static strings, you can choose the language you want to translate them to. You can edit the string translation anytime you want later through the “Translations” option.

This way, the WPML add-on supports easy and fast translation of all the static strings in your Salesforce customer portal besides dynamic CRM strings.

Get WPML Add-On Support Now

Now that you understand how WPML add-on support is crucial to translate your portal content, it’s time you integrate it.

Our Salesforce Customer portal comes with the built-in WPML add-on support that you can integrate and translate your portal content. If you are also looking to translate your portal content simply and faster, just go for WPML-add on support and get it right.

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