Why You Should Use Dynamics 365 WordPress Portal

Why You Should Use Dynamics 365 WordPress Portal

Nikita Rohira

November 29th, 2021

Customer support isn’t what it used to be. Today, customers would instead troubleshoot their problems themselves than write a long email or wait for a customer support call. As self-service is taking over the traditional channels, it has become necessary for businesses to bring in a customer portal to collate all the information that customers require.

Most US respondents said they expect businesses to offer an online portal for self-service. A customer portal is a vital touchpoint. It allows businesses to hand power in customers’ hands, giving them direct access to all information without reaching out to the company. Here are a few benefits it offers.

Why Do You Need a Customer Portal?

Traditional support channels like email and phone are essential for high stake concerns. However, they don’t give customers the quick answers/solutions they expect, such as password reset. A customer portal helps businesses support customers proactively instead of waiting for them to raise an issue/request for help.

For example, suppose you’re in an eCommerce company. In that case, you can connect your customer portal with different systems like ERP, CRM and enable customers to track their order status, shipment details and even update the information. This way, they don’t have to reach out to customer support or wait for the call if they were not home to receive their parcel.

Apart from this, customers want brands to provide knowledge rather than trick them into selling. The customer portal makes that possible with the knowledge base, where users get to access lots of information such as articles, FAQs, how-to guides at their fingertips. A customer portal fosters engagement by providing a highly engaged learning environment with community forums and resources. Apple’s customer portal, My Support, is a great example that fosters learning instead of selling.

Other reasons you need a customer portal are:

  • Handling a huge number of tickets
  • Manual operations
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Agents working round-the-clock

A customer portal is a single power packed solution that helps businesses overcome customer service and business operation problems. It offers self-service and makes it convenient for your customers to reach out to you, providing contextual information. For the support team, it means less minor low priority queries and more time to focus on challenging problems. Automation and data sync further streamline the business operations.

A customer portal has a tremendous impact on how well businesses serve their customers. So, which portal should you use? There are a lot of options available in the market. Dynamics portal is one of the leading options as it allows integration with Microsoft suite. But it comes with certain limitations such as:

  • Portal cost: It provides only one portal for free. You need to pay extra for additional portals.
  • Cannot handle cache: Any changes in the CRM won’t reflect in the portal automatically. You need to make changes manually and clear the cache every time.
  • No on-premise support: Dynamics only provides cloud-based and server support.

If you don’t want to waste time figuring out the limitations of the Dynamics portal, you can go for third-party solutions like our Dynamics 365 WordPress Portal.

Introduction to Dynamics 365 WordPress Portal

Our Dynamics 365 WordPress Portal is a web portal solution that has robustness and security of Dynamics CRM and flexibility of WordPress CMS with no limitations of Dynamics 365 portal. It’s a preferred Microsoft solution developed by Microsoft certified developers.

Dynamics 365 WordPress Portal helps businesses provide self-service with Dynamics CRM as the backend and WordPress as the frontend. It enables users to get access to relevant information themselves. They can easily create service requests and complaints and manage communication with business representatives. Let’s see the features you can take advantage of with Dynamics WordPress integration.

Features of Dynamics 365 WordPress Portal

1. Set Dynamic Rights to Access Modules

Using our Dynamics 365 WordPress portal, you can define specific rights for customers and other portal users based on their roles. It will allow them to access specific modules and interact with others. And to reduce the burden of the admin, you can assign users to specific user groups and manage the portal access.

2. Generate Mass Credentials

When you set up and host your Dynamics 365 WordPress portal, you would have many end-users who need login credentials. You may have all the user details in the CRM. All you need is to generate mass credentials, import the CSV file into your WordPress account. Later, you can send out a bulk email to users with their portal login credentials.

3. Configure Module Layouts

Everyone has their own taste and preferences. Hence, our Dynamics 365 WordPress portal allows portal users to configure the layouts in their own way. They can change the color, design and even customize the information they would like to view. For example, configuring news feeds to view specific types of content. They can set different layouts and view information as per their requirements.

4. Customizable Portal

You can maintain brand consistency and meet your growing business demands with portal customization. You can decide which modules/features you want and integrate those. You can customize names, upload logos, set records, and do a lot more.

5. Safe and Secure Sign-in

It offers a single sign-in for WordPress and Dynamics 365 WordPress portal users. New users can directly sign-up for the portal, and once done, they can directly log in to the portal without having to log in again.

6. Manage CRM Records

With our Dynamics WordPress integration, you and your other portal users can easily add records in the CRM and display them in the portal. Our WordPress portal integrates with Dynamics CRM and auto-syncs the data between the platforms. You don’t have to add the tasks twice.

7. Calendar View

You can view and manage appointments, calls, meetings, and tasks directly in the calendar of the portal. All the data in one place makes the management easy and error-free.

8. Access Knowledge Base

Customers are able to access knowledge base articles based on categories or search features. They can access the articles even without logging in.

9. Case Deflection

This feature helps users find solutions before generating a case. When they can’t find answers to their queries or issues, they can navigate to add a new case.

10. Efficient Dashboard

You can set accessibility for different modules for different user groups. Customers can set preferences for the dashboard. They can view charts and reports for cases and know their status. Admin can view customers’ and employees’ activity details on the dashboard.

Business Benefits of Dynamics WordPress Integration

Whenever a business develops a customer portal, the two main challenges are – development and integration of CRM with the portal. Our Dynamics 365 WordPress portal uses Dynamics CRM as the backend and curbs the security and integration problem. Plus, it’s a ready-to-integrate solution that means no development issues. We do offer customizations based on your requirements, and our team has 14+ years of development experience.

Here are the benefits you get with our WordPress portal:

  • Improved Service

    You can tailor customer experience by providing them with self-service. They get to update their own profiles and cases directly into the CRM.

  • Reduced Cost

    Unlike Dynamics CRM portal that charges based on the page views, our WordPress integration is affordable. There are no additional charges for page views and different portals. Besides, the portal reduces labor and operational costs as basic requests are solved by customers themselves.

  • Enhanced Communication

    It improves interaction and customer engagement as there’s no manual intervention. It saves customers time as they can access information without a need to wait for an email or call from the support team.

  • Better Upselling/Cross-selling Opportunities

    In 2021, customer experience is the key to business success. And support is the thing that plays a major role in it. If you provide better customer support and a positive experience, customers are more likely to stay loyal to you. This may create different opportunities for businesses to grow.

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