6 Benefits of Using Salesforce Portal for Nonprofits

6 Benefits of Using Salesforce Portal for Nonprofits

Nonprofits work on a range of issues to improve people’s way of life. While some focus on meeting healthcare needs, others advocate for basic education. One thing unites them all: they are all businesses of some sort. At the end of the day, a business needs to pay for personnel, set up workflows, buy supplies, and other operating expenses.

A nonprofit has several operations, from financial to logistical, just like a corporates. It must ensure that campaign volunteers and base personnel are available during events. Organizing campaigns requires strategists and donors to facilitate these efforts. All these can be managed with portals. Let’s discuss the portal in detail.

Why do you need a Salesforce portal for non-profit organizations?

Volunteer management

To make the best use of volunteers’ availability, you can give them access to a self-profile builder after registration. They can indicate their availability, talents, potential causes of interest, and more. After doing this, the user can create their weekly or monthly calendar and view the event schedules of their chosen charity.

After the initial setup is complete, the admins can view their availability and preferences and assign them to the appropriate duties. This ensures that all the tasks are completed more accurately and efficiently.

Campaign management:

Nonprofits conduct campaigns to attract partners, funding, and volunteers. You can accomplish this considerably and more quickly using the nonprofit portal option. Also, it is easy to assess the causes to determine which ones require immediate attention, material assistance, or both.

The site assists in scheduling the event, compiling a list of invitees with their contact information, and managing social media and other marketing activities.

You can also monitor which social media platform is most effective for your organization by tracking the campaign’s effectiveness after using the nonprofit portal solution.

Document management

From partner contracts and volunteer certifications to donation receipts, a nonprofit organization must maintain a variety of papers. Thanks to the document management module, they can accomplish this easily and ensure that only those who need access are granted safe access.

Consider a scenario where an organization is called upon to assist in a national disaster. In this case, the organization would require documentation such as contracts with suppliers or partners, official government documents outlining its involvement in the issue, etc. An important aspect of a nonprofit organization is document management. With this, they can also monitor notable contributors, donations, and their contributions. Donors frequently require or desire receipts for donations, and they can be controlled through the site.

Another situation in which the nonprofit portal solution can come in handy is when an NGO hosts charity auctions. In this instance, the purchasers and sellers/donors are required to provide authenticity proof for the product, identity documents, and other supporting documentation. The nonprofit portal solution makes it simple to handle all of this.

Partner management

Nonprofits can operate brand-run partner programs in which a portion of each sale made by a brand goes directly to the nonprofit. Apple’s partnership with RED illustrates this; as part of their partnership, Apple produces red items, with a portion of the sales going to RED. Given that the product is marked with the RED badge, the buyer makes this purchase voluntarily.

Every partner has a login via which they may view the transactions that took place during the relationship and the performance changes brought about by any marketing they may have run.


Like any other business, your organization requires information that is easy to glance at. The nonprofit portal solution provides a dashboard that visualizes details about campaign performance, donation needs, and volunteer performance. This can assist you in keeping track of all the information you need to make informed decisions quickly.

Running a large organization or juggling multiple duties can often cause one to lose perspective on everything going on. You may program your dashboard to display event-based signups and volunteer churn on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.

Knowledge base

The nonprofit portal solution’s knowledge base part allows the organization to highlight all of the causes they are committed to promoting. Donors have access to information about where their money is going, how you’re supporting the causes you care about and other details. Additionally, the knowledge base can display data and statistics related to the cause you are supporting. For example, it can display specifics of clinical trials conducted in the area and whether the cause assists patients with that particular problem.

Benefits of Salesforce non-profit portal

1. More transparency and control

Transparency and being in control are critical to the maintenance of trust and efficiency in the operation of any nonprofit. The Salesforce portal meets the needs of nonprofits through the following:

Donation dashboards: These can be configured to show live data on donations and fund allocation. This would, in turn, bring about transparency with the donors, boosting their confidence.

Document sharing and managing: Volunteers and donors to nonprofit organizations can easily share the necessary documentation, reports, and educational material from a single repository point, as there is centralized access to resource centers.

Customization: The platform provides comprehensive analytical and reporting capabilities that allow for the tracking of numerous variables, the majority of which are important for nonprofit management. These comprise tracking volunteer activities, reports on cash usage, and donor engagement levels.

2. Improved self-service

The platform gives volunteers and donors self-service options to improve the user experience. The donors have several options, such as viewing donation history, setting up recurring donations, and modifying their payment methods.

The portal includes items like FAQs for volunteers, donors and how-to articles. They always have access to all resources. Your team won’t have as much work to do to make sure stakeholders have the answers they require without having to interact with them.

3. Smooth and captivating user interface

Three equally significant factors influence user engagement and happiness: design, digital experience, and usability. With the Salesforce portal for nonprofits, your interface may remain in line with the expectations of both the nonprofit brand and its users.

Branding & Customization: The non-profit can use it to personalize its online presence by integrating its color palette, logo, and layout style to convey consistency and professionalism. An intuitive navigation system, which includes customizable menus, search features, and interactive aspects to boost user engagement, has been used to build a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access information from such a platform.

Mobile optimization: The site functions flawlessly on all kinds of devices, increasing client accessibility and happiness.

Event and Volunteer Management: Through the portal, volunteers will be able to register, express interest in specific events, update their availability to attend, and view their schedules. The portal expedites any procedure and enhances user experience for those who want to interact more deeply with your company.

4. Empower Stakeholders

Give your stakeholders a higher position and total control over their interactions with your nonprofit. The Salesforce portal features that are especially designed to empower volunteers and donors are listed below.

Update Personal Data: Make changes to your personal data on the site. This significantly reduces staff administrative costs while guaranteeing extremely high data accuracy.

Assistance and Input:

The platform may be adjusted to enable real-time communication between your staff and the client via an integrated message system, as well as feedback from the client regarding their experience. Direct access is essential to keeping your audience interested and providing prompt answers to all of their questions.

5. Safe transactions

Transaction security is a requirement for all non-profit organizations. Salesforce uses a security module to guarantee that donations are kept secure.

PCI compliance: The Salesforce portal, with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), provides appropriate protection for credit and debit card information at all times. This safeguards the donor and the organization and drastically lowers the possibility of fraud.

Security protocols and encryption: The website ensures that every message from the user is handled safely. To guarantee secure data transmission between consumers and the non-profit, the portal leverages cutting-edge encryption techniques. All data in transit is encrypted using SSL/TLS to prevent interception or unauthorized access to sensitive data.

6. Monitoring

One more fantastic advantage of the Salesforce non-profit portal is the ability to efficiently monitor, trace, and oversee several operational facets. Thus, this skill would ensure that the non-profit could track performance and allocate resources efficiently.

Performance dashboards: These provide metrics that a manager may customize, such as donation totals, campaign performance, and volunteer hours. These dashboards make it possible to assess the company’s performance quickly and make well-informed decisions. Additionally, automated procedures reduce the amount of time employees must spend on tasks like data entry, report production, and alerting systems.

Are you ready to take advantage of Salesforce Non-Profit Portal?

You would easily relate to the above points if you run a non-profit organization. The Salesforce portal, specially curated for non-profits, can really change the way you handle all your tasks. It will help you treat your donors and volunteers in much better ways. CRMJetty offers a Salesforce Non-Profit Portal that is specially designed considering the challenges the nonprofit sector faces. If you want to know more about the portal, connect with our team of experts for a live demonstration.


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