Salesforce Experience Cloud Features, Benefits and More

Salesforce Experience Cloud Features, Benefits and More

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a cloud-based platform that was previously known as Salesforce Community Cloud. Its purpose is to help businesses connect with their stakeholders, such as customers, employees, and partners.

Consider it a place to share information with stakeholders in a streamlined and secure way. It is one of the best ways to improve communication and engagement.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Features

Ready to use templates

Experience Cloud gives you access to a number of pre-made template options. A web project doesn’t have to begin from scratch. You can select a template from Experience Cloud and edit it to fit your company’s branding guidelines. This feature benefits your design processes because it allows you to publish your material online swiftly. Such features help in maintaining brand consistency.

Experience builder

Salesforce Experience Builder serves as your experience design toolkit. You can select the right template from many options and start designing. You also won’t have to deal with codes or constant clicking.

This Builder is your shortcut to building pages, adjusting designs, and streamlining the process. It’s similar to having your web designer at your disposal. By using Salesforce customization options, you can build pages, menus, and other components exactly how you want your users to see them. This platform allows you to create distinct experiences within one website.


Have you ever felt that a brand could deliver the experience you were looking for? Well, the secret to this is Salesforce Experience Cloud. Expanding your platform by integrating third-party applications is like possessing superpowers.

Salesforce Experience Cloud can be linked with customer support apps. It enables companies to respond to consumer inquiries promptly. Ultimately, it’s about designing an experience that leaves no lead or client behind—it’s not simply about providing support.

Content management

With this feature, you can grant access to your material by adding social login and single sign-on (SSO) to your web projects. Role-based permissions can be used to configure access control so that the various sections of your portal have proper visibility.

Fulfilling customer needs

Showcasing content that speaks to your visitors’ wants and interests is the key to making them feel that the website was created just for them. The unique touch of customization can help you target the right audience.

You can create various page versions and present them to various user bases. It is comparable to serving each attendee with a personalized meal at a party. Every visitor gets what they desire, meeting their individual needs for information. It’s this kind of individual attention that converts customers to loyal customers.

Mobile friendly

As a customer, do you like the website that opens with utmost speed and smoothness on your phone? Delivering excellent experiences across all devices is the main goal of Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Businesses that accomplish this not only gain the respect and trust of their clients but also produce memorable experiences that entice them to come back for more. The mobile makeover is what converts infrequent visitors to loyal customers.

Benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud

Increase customer engagement

You can proactively establish a community within your company by utilizing Experience Cloud to create portals that enable users to submit questions and feedback. Additionally, customers can connect with one another by sharing their experiences. If your goods and services benefit them, customers might become brand loyal.

Gives access to necessary information

Another advantage of having an Experience Cloud is offering your clients a knowledge base and self-service alternatives. With the help of the knowledge base and self-service options, your clients will be able to solve problems on their own. Empowering your customers can help your customer care representatives handle more complex queries more efficiently as the simple queries are reduced.

When customers can easily fix their own difficulties with your product without any delays in handling their problems, it leads to increased satisfaction and an improved customer experience.

Content personalization

What’s better than being able to personalize the content for your customers? By using Salesforce data to study user preferences and behavior, you can create content for your portal that users want to read and interact with.

CRMJetty Salesforce Portal as an Experience Cloud Alternative

One of the best alternatives for Salesforce Experience Cloud is CRMJetty Salesforce Portal. With us, you can get a personalized Salesforce CRM portal tailored to meet each individual company’s requirements. Here are some major highlights:

1. Highly customizable portals: Solutions designed specifically to match a company’s workflow.

2. Seamless integration: Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce CRM.

3. User-friendly interface: Clear navigation and CTA making it easy for everyone to use.

4. No code/Low code: Use a simple drag-and-drop builder to build the workflow. Customize templates, pages, widgets, layouts, forms, and a code editor for code adjustments.

5. Cost-Effective: Fair pricing based on number of users. Completely transparent plans with no hidden cost.

6. Support and Development Services: End to end support for smooth integration of the portal.

CRMJetty Salesforce Portal is highly customizable, making it perfect for companies with unique CRM needs. Its reasonable cost and flexible integration make it a good choice for those seeking an alternative to Salesforce Experience Cloud. Its easy-to-use interface and committed support team guarantee a seamless setup and continuous administration procedure.


Salesforce Experience Cloud is a powerful platform that provides unmatched customization, integration, and scalability. Its influence is extensive and wide-ranging, whether it is improving partner relations or customer service. Nevertheless, alternatives like CRMJetty Salesforce Portal are feasible choices as well, requiring a thorough assessment predicated on particular business requirements and financial constraints. With the correct platform, businesses can undergo a revolution and realize the full potential of client involvement.

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