Salesforce Customer Portal Vs Partner Portal: All You Need to Know

Salesforce Customer Portal Vs Partner Portal: All You Need to Know

Hiral Thaker

Salesforce is a well-known name in the world of CRMs, portals, and communities. We can’t deny that their products are world-class and provide organizations like yours an upper hand. And sometimes that can raise further questions like which portal to invest in? Should you be going with a portal or a community?

We’ve already written a well-researched article on Salesforce Customer Portals Vs. Communities. Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss its two well-known portals i.e. Customer portal and Partner portal. And help you choose the right solution for your organizational needs.

What is Salesforce Partner Portal?

Salesforce partner portal allows partner users outside of your organization to login to Salesforce. It helps companies by empowering their indirect sales channel and this increases their ROI. Users of the partner portal have limited access to Salesforce and can only see the data of the modules for which they are granted access. With the help of partner relationship management (PRM), companies can create multiple portals to manage, track, and handle their indirect sales.

Let’s talk about three main benefits of having a Partner Portal:

Increased efficiency of your channel sales funnel

With the help of partner portals, you can provide your partner a platform to collaborate with your organization for any and every sales activity, task, lead generation or capturing, nurturing, conversions, etc. and thereby increasing the efficiency of your channel sales, and marketing.

Increased ROI

As you provide your partners with easy-to-setup tools to track, manage, and analyze their marketing campaigns with Salesforce partner portal, you will directly see the effect on your ROI. Additionally, you can provide them with exclusive access to your content which will help them align the strategy and marketing around your brand.

Access to data from anywhere anytime

Your partners will be able to access the data and its insights on the go. You can easily share reports and documents from anywhere and help them understand KPIs and other sales opportunities.

What is Salesforce Customer Portal?

Salesforce customer portal is an interface that is useful to provide support to your customers, help them solve issues about your products/services thereby better overall user experience. As a company, you can create a personalized customer service portal including features, sections, information, modules based on your requirements to streamline communication with your customers.

And here are the top three benefits of using the customer portal:

Omnichannel support

According to research, 51.3% of people use the internet via mobile. In such times while developing a customer portal, you need to make sure that you make it accessible for your mobile users via mobile application or just making it mobile compatible. This will help you provide omnichannel support and be present wherever your customers are. This makes it more user friendly and an easy to access platform for them.

Easy integration

Salesforce customer portal is easy to integrate with your web pages or the entire website. This can help your users have easy and simplified access to your knowledge base.

Online forum

Customer portals help your customers solve problems more effectively by letting you create online forums, various group learning, informative articles, and more. This provides them a much needed 24/7 customer support without you having to spend extra resources and also eliminates the drawbacks of having customers in multiple time zones.

Now that we are clear on both of their concepts, let’s try and understand their differences.

Salesforce Customer Portal Vs Partner Portal

– Purpose: Partner portal shows leads and opportunity to partners whereas customer portal is useful for solving issues independently without interacting with representatives.
– Audience: Partner portal is useful for channel salespeople or other third-parties, whereas customer portal is for end users.
– Access and Cost: Partner portals have more access to core CRM features and hence are expensive.
– Role-based access: Using the partner portal you can provide specific role-based access to your partner whereas that’s not the case with the Salesforce customer portal.

There is a thin line difference between both the portals but each has its own uniqueness and functionality to serve.

On the basis of your company’s requirements, you make your choice. If you are looking for a portal that helps you to manage your customers then having a customer portal is the right decision. Whereas, if you want the portal to manage your partners then opt for partner portals.

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