Salesforce Customer Portal Pricing: An Analysis + Competitive Alternative

Salesforce Customer Portal Pricing: An Analysis + Competitive Alternative

Yesha Bhatt

May 25th, 2022

So you have decided to go with Salesforce Customer Portal or maybe it’s on your top 5 list? Cool!

At this stage, it is very likely that you might have a zillion doubts about Salesforce Customer Portal pricing and how best it is for your business – and we totally get your dilemma.

Now, based on our decade long experience in portals, Salesforce is undoubtedly a great platform. However it is not for every business.

That very experience and research we are going to put in front of you.

By the end of this post you are sure to get a clear idea about Salesforce Customer Portal pricing and whether or not the Customer Portal in Salesforce is meant for you.

An outline of topics this post covers:

The Good Part Where Salesforce is Unbeatable 😎

Customer portal in Salesforce offers everything you need to provide exceptional support to your customers. The portal acts as a self-service platform where users and partners can solve queries, and streamline communication.

The biggest strength is its functionality

When it comes to features, there is nothing to complain about. The portal’s functionality is very similar to

What you get is: self-service functionality, provide access to documents, knowledge base, ability to manage profiles, and such – all quite robust.

Hence, you should be least worried about the feature part.

The Part Where Salesforce Becomes a Deal-breaker 🚩

Salesforce Customer Portal price is where things get a little tricky. You’ll go like:

We will be direct here – if you want to go with the customer portal in Salesforce, be prepared to pay a lot.

Yeah yeah, we have some solid reasons to back this statement.

Point 1: You’ll be charged per user, per month

You will get more details about Salesforce Customer Portal pricing on their website.

Salesforce Customer Portal pricing

On the surface, $5 or $15 per person looks feasible. But in reality, the sum reaches approx $1800 yearly if you have a minimum of, let’s say, 100 members.

The price also depends on the plan that you choose based on the size of your team, and organization’s needs.

Also keep in mind the additional cost of customization, implementation, or any plugins that you might need as per your business logic.

Point 2: Prepare yourself to deal with numerous licenses

In general Salesforce has many types of licenses and usage-based entitlements. The one that you need to worry about is the user license.

For every user, you must have a user license that determines the baseline of features that one can access. The cost varies on your business requirements, and the plan that you choose.

Another example is that of a permission set license. It lets you assign user specific settings and permissions.

On the other hand, if you go with third-party portals, you get the ability to cut down on unnecessary licensing costs.

In the above example, instead of a permission set license, you can add a new feature that provides role-based access in relatively much less cost.

Our Salesforce customer portal comes with robust features, and is fully flexible and customizable. All at a much competitive price. Click the link below to know more!


Point 3: Free implementation? There’s no such thing

Like most enterprise software, there is an additional cost you need to consider for implementation. We jumped on Quora to see what people have to say. Here’s an interesting question a user asked:

‘How much does it cost to implement Salesforce? I’ve heard “for every $1 you spend on licensing fees, you spend another $1 in implementation costs.” Is that true, or is it more?’

Here’s what a user shared regarding the cost to implement.

factors that affect the cost

Ranger Louis (Engineer at CRM Rangers), the same person who answered this question, pointed out several factors that affect the cost. The main ones being:

  • Size of your company
  • The industry you operate in
  • Business goals & complexity of your organization

Another user shared their concern regarding the soaring implementation + license costs along with data storage.

See this is what we meant when we said get ready to pay. Additionally, the whole setup and configuration process is complex and time consuming. So, you will need to have the right talent in your team, or avail implementation services.

Now even if you have the budget, the question is

Is the final pay worth the investment?

At the end of the day what matters is having software that is extremely easy to use. It should not give you any pain as far as the user experience is concerned.

The customer portal in Salesforce being complex, requires you to thoroughly understand it well so that you do not make simple tasks unnecessarily complicated.

So, what’s another option that gives you a perfect balance between features, pricing, and interface?

Meet CRMJetty – A Competitive Alternative 🤝

Two of the things that we absolutely take pride in is the flexibility, and ease of use of our Salesforce Customer Portal.

Let’s understand these one by one.


Unlike the customer portal in Salesforce that is for any and every business, our portal considers each business unique.

Our portal is entirely flexible and customizable to perfectly match your unique business needs. There are various configurations you can carry out whether it’s creating a dashboard or providing user access.


And the whole process of personalizing the portal is as smooth as a breeze. With drag & drop builder, widgets, design layouts, etc., you can have a customized portal in seconds.

A seamless experience

The need to have a software that is user friendly can’t be stressed enough. Everything right from productivity to user engagement to satisfaction depends entirely on the interface and easy navigation.

With a competitive price, security, class quality, and a focus on UI/UX, we offer everything you need to make the most of your customer portal to achieve best results.

How do we make things happen?

We started our journey 15 years ago with an aim to help businesses transform their business operations with portals.

Since then we have been helping thousands of businesses like yours, both micro and enterprise-level in various industries.

So, industry experience along with a skilled team is what makes things happen at CRMJetty.

Our certified Salesforce developers are committed to creating a secure, feature-rich, and flexible Salesforce Customer Portal that fully accommodates your business needs.

Seeing is Believing. Get a Personalized Demo Now!

See how our dynamic product works as per your business requirements. Take a demo to understand our Salesforce Customer Portal in-depth!


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