April Update: Salesforce Customer Portal Gets Bigger, Better, and More Flexible

Our team has equipped our Salesforce customer portal with some more next-gen features with our mission to provide you with the best portal solutions in terms of capabilities and functionalities for your business.

We aim for giving more flexibility to the admin and users in deciding on form and portal layouts and preserving data while upgrading the portal with the new features.

So, let’s walk you through all the latest features and explain to you how they can benefit you in detail.

Panel-Wise Layout Settings in Edit/Detail View of Forms

Our latest version allows for the segregation of fields of a form into different panels based on relevance or other criteria.

How It Helps

Sometimes, if a form is long and requires the user to fill in a lot of information, keeping all the fields together might look stuffed and clumsy in appearance. On the other hand, a form looks much better and engaging in appearance if you take all the fields and segregate them in different panels based on relevance or being mandatory or optional.

For instance, if you require every customer to fill multiple details including name, email address, residential address, occupation, and more, you can make some panels as below.

  • Panel 1: primary mandatory information like name, email, and mobile number.
  • Panel 2: personal details like date of birth, family details, and residential address.
  • Panel 3: work or job details, and so on.

Segregation of a form’s fields into panels this way helps make a form look neat. The users also understand the purpose of the panels for different fields when they can see the heading of each panel on top easily. This helps you increase the completion rate of forms.

Control to Sync Layouts between CRM and Portal

This feature allows you to decide whether to configure the form layout in your portal separately or keep it the same as that in the CRM form. You can simply activate the Active CRM layout option in your portal to sync all the changes you make in your CRM forms with your portal.

How It Helps

It gives you the freedom to decide whether you want your CRM form layout the same as the portal’s or not. You can decide on the appearance of your CRM and portal as per your preference and change it whenever required.

Data Preservation on Your Portal Upgrade

This feature helps you save your data, forms, layouts, etc., in your previous WordPress version on your portal side. Even if you upgrade your WordPress version, you can now always retrieve and use the previous data if you choose “Save the Data” while upgrading it.

How It Helps

By default, WordPress doesn’t allow you to preserve your form layouts or any other data when you upgrade its version. It provides you with the option to only “Delete and Replace” the old data with the new one when upgraded.

Our WordPress portal comes in handy here and enables you to save all the layouts or forms you save in your previous version. You can simply choose to backup layouts, forms, and all other data while upgrading through our portal and save time and effort.

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