Non-Profit Portal: Your Helping Hand to Help the World

Non-Profit Portal: Your Helping Hand to Help the World

Nonprofits work for various causes that help improve the standard of living in one way or the other of people. There are some that support basic education, while others work for healthcare needs. All of them have one thing in common: they are all a kind of business. And a business, at the end of the day, has operational requirements and costs: in terms of staff, workflow setup, purchasing items, and so on.

Just like a business, a nonprofit has several operations, from logistical to financial and so on. They have to ensure there is always a base staff, as well as volunteers for campaigns. They need strategists for planning campaigns and donors to facilitate these campaigns. And again, just like a business, they need to ensure their funds are going into the right causes.

All these operations are layered, so to simplify it, we made a nonprofit portal solution. Let’s take a look at all the ways it can help:

Volunteer management:

Simply having volunteers is not enough if a nonprofit is not able to maximize on that. When a volunteer signs up via the portal, provide them a detailed profile builder for themselves. While filling out this profile builder, they can state their skills, their availability, the causes they may be interested in, and so on. Once this is filled out, the portal can fetch a detailed program of the quarter for their preferred cause and let them build their weekly or monthly schedule.

Once the initial setup is done, the admin can easily get a clear idea of the volunteer and therefore match them with the right task. Doing this ensures that your tasks are done more efficiently as well as accurately.

Campaign management:

For any nonprofit, you need to run campaigns that can bring in the right donations, partners, and volunteers. With the nonprofit portal solution, you can do this much more efficiently. Do an audit of the cause, which one needs immediate attention, whether it needs monetary help or if it needs items.

The portal helps list invitees with their contact details, schedule the event, and run marketing campaigns on social media and otherwise.

With the nonprofit portal solution, you can track the success of your campaign across social media to keep an eye on which channel is working best for your organization.

Document management:

A nonprofit organization has to handle multiple documents, from donation receipts to volunteer certifications and partner contracts. With the document management module, they can do so easily, as well as provide safe access to only those that require it.

If we take an example of a national crisis that an organization has to provide help for, they would need paperwork in terms of contracts with partners who are willing to become suppliers, governmental documents to define their role in the matter, etc. Document management is a huge part of a nonprofit organization. With this, they can also keep track of significant donors, donations, and their contributions. Donors often need or want receipts of their donations, which can be managed via the portal.

Another way that it can be useful is when an NGO organizes charity auctions. In this case, the buyers and the sellers/donors have to give in proof of authenticity in terms of a product, their identity proofs, and so on. All this can easily be managed by the nonprofit portal solution.

Partner management:

Nonprofits can run partner programs with brands, so when a brand makes a sale, some part of that sale directly goes to the nonprofit. One example of this is Apple’s relationship with RED; they make red products as a part of their tie-up with RED, wherein a part of the product sale goes towards RED. The customer knowingly makes this purchase as the product is displayed with the RED logo.

Each partner has their login where they can access the transactions that happened as a part of the partnership, as well as see the change in performance due to the campaigns they may have run.


Just like with any business, your nonprofit also needs glanceable information. With a dashboard within the nonprofit portal solution, you can have access to information like volunteer performance, donation requirements, and campaign performance. It can help you keep an eye on all the necessary information so you can make quick decisions with deep insight.

Often when running a big organization or working on several tasks, one tends to lose perspective about all that is going on. You might not have an eye on volunteer performance if you’re busy managing a campaign and so on. With a configurable dashboard, you can set it up to show you weekly, monthly, or even quarterly volunteer churn, as well as event-based signups.

The dashboard can conveniently show you donations, monetary ones, and otherwise, so you are always in the know as to how your organization is doing.


With the knowledge base section in the nonprofit portal solution, the organization can highlight all the causes they are working for. Potential donors can see where their donations go, what you’re doing to help the cause they want to support, and so on. The knowledge base can also show the statistics and information about the cause you are supporting; for instance: they can show details of medical studies in the field, if the cause supports patients of that issue, and so on.

In the case of gift donations, a knowledgebase can list and describe the kinds of gifts that are accepted, like toys without sharp edges, clothes but only for toddlers, etc.

The knowledgebase can be as descriptive as you’d like and can work as a filter to the number and kind of queries you may get from donors, volunteers, and visitors, as most information that can be planned earlier will already be available through the knowledge base.

Final thoughts:

A non-profit organization often sounds simplistic, they raise money to help a cause, but it hardly is so. It is layered and complex, with many parties involved. The people who work for an NGO are also in tiers: regular employees or volunteers and event/campaign-based volunteers. All of these people, together, run the show, ensure fundraising and eventually execute the benefit.

A non-profit portal solution can help streamline that significantly so all the people involved can actually focus on the task at hand, run successful campaigns, and manage partner relationships well.

We make a portal solution for nonprofit organizations that have all these features. You can customize it further to match your exact requirements. And if that is still not enough, we can work with you to build a solution from scratch. Take a demo with us today to talk about all the possibilities.


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