How to Maintain Business Continuity During this COVID-19 Pandemic Using Portal

Everyone’s attention right now is focused on COVID-19. You are worried about how to serve your customers and they are worried about how to get services.  In this situation, you have to ensure that your customers get the support they need. Of course, there are challenges that you will face, all unique to your business. Your priority should be to maintain frictionless customer experience. Some of the things you will have to take care of for this is tuning your customer journey and the ways you provide support.

Businesses in the current situation are proactively working on discovering ways to help their customers help themselves, with online and mobile self-service interfaces for everything from raising tickets and tracking, monitoring sensitive financial information, making online payments or getting immediate data for their health.

Recently, customers have become extremely demanding. They want answers right in front, as they raise an issue or want to get in touch with you and if the wait is long, they will leave. Everyone is anxious and it is only natural that they want answers and services. Especially since the services they are looking for right now are essential.

Customers prefer interacting with CRM portals more these days. As the interface for self-service has huge penetration in multiple sectors, there is a high probability of business opportunities and maintaining business continuity for staying in the current market.

Portals benefit businesses in various ways when it comes to customer interaction, like:

Digitize critical workflows to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency:

Move your support operations to a fully digital model. For example, if you are in the computer business, right now, your support staff is very busy. But not everyone can work. So how do you operate in such a high demand with fewer staff? You can upload tutorials for common issues that customers face, launch AR manuals that show an exploded view of the computer, making it easier to fix, or connect a cable to, etc.

This way customers will find it easier to make certain fixes themselves, leaving your staff to focus on bigger issues.

Optimize customer channel management:

By automating channels for customer requirements, you can save a lot of time and resources. Repetitive questions can automatically be answered, they can be directed to video feeds for certain queries, etc. If your business has multiple products or services, you can also streamline their questions by first bifurcating them in respective channels.

24/7 digital platform accessibility: 

The biggest advantage of a customer portal is, of course, its accessibility regardless of time. Even in a pandemic, when people may not be able to work, a business with a robust portal in place will be able to serve their customers almost effortlessly and around the clock.

This situation has really highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to its optimum capacity. It has also highlighted that self service portals come in handy no matter what the situation is. By using a custom portal that can work with the nuances of your business, will make all the difference.

“Choosing the right solution at right time” and having a customer-centric self-service solution for your customers will ultimately help your business to stay unaffected in this pandemic situation and sustain the momentum of growth in the future.

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