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Hiring a Microsoft Certified Developer: What You Should Know

Hiring a Microsoft Certified Developer: What You Should Know

Kanchi Vasavada

Microsoft Dynamics has gotten insanely popular, which is made pretty evident by the high demand for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers. Companies of all shapes and sizes go all out to hire remote developers that work with Dynamics 365. This helps to upgrade their business processes, and automation is an advantage. We can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Microsoft Dynamics 365 products add value for customers.

There are some prerequisites one must keep in mind before hiring a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer. Let’s go through the whole process, beginning with an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365, to why one needs it for their business, and ending with a step-by-step guide to hire a Microsoft-certified developer.

Let’s begin:

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a collection of resourceful business apps that allows involvement with customers, which builds relationships and enhances operations; these connections help grow your business. This helps to empower your workforce and attracts the best talent when hiring. This is an all-inclusive solution for your business that brings together all the various processes like sales, on-field operations, and customer services in one place. The expert, using Microsoft Dynamics, manages all these processes via various modules that include CRM and ERP.

Why Does One Need a Microsoft-certified Developer for Their Business?

No matter what the size of the business is – large, small, medium, or otherwise – they all need some essential features, all of which are included in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Good customer experience can be achieved by having features that are customizable, adaptable, and that are integrated into the workflow effortlessly, and this is what every company wants. Let’s talk about the key advantages of hiring a Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer:

  • They have a detailed knowledge of planning, integrating, implementing, and updating CRM services, along with actual comprehensive experience in doing so.
  • MS developers offer flexible business skills and processes for every need.
  • Should it be needed at any stage of CRM development, they provide exceptional technical support. This includes consultation and resolutions of any customer query 24/7.
  • Successful CRM development is enabled by using the latest technologies and tools in which they are proficient.
  • MS developers are knowledgeable in predictive analytics with real-time insights, including Power Business Intelligence and Azure.
  • They possess the technical know-how needed for various modules like MS Dynamics CRM, GP, NAV, etc.
  • They can help the whole organization by integrating specific tasks into a centralized CRM solution.

Step-By-Step Guide to Hire a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer

In a galaxy far, far away, a long time ago, all a CRM developer had to know was the product and put it to the client’s requirements. Now, they must dress to impress, proverbially. Their tasks include guiding customers to the best approach to build integration of Dynamics 365 with different applications. If you have enough on your plate, it would be in your best interest to hire a Microsoft-certified developer.

Here’s what to do to find the best Dynamics 365 developer for your business:


If one is looking to hire people, there must be a post for them to fill. This post, this purpose, is decided by the one that runs the business. They are in charge of figuring out how they want to run the business and what experts they require. If you wish to hire a remote Dynamics NAV Developer, then you need to define your purpose. You have to be sure about the MS Dynamics functionality required, whether it be a developer for customization, upgradation, or fixing bugs. System updates, third-party systems integrations, requests for change, testing, and development of ISV solutions are some of the most common requests for Microsoft Dynamics development.

Team/Professional Requirement

The step after zeroing in on the purpose for hiring, you need to know what entity you have to hire. Do you need a freelance MS developer, outsource to a company, or have an in-house expert? It is an essential aspect to consider in your research. If there is an intricate issue you need a solution for, then an outsourcing company or an in-house expert are your best choices. The outsourced development companies have the crème de la crème of developers, making them more reliable, flexible, and innovative problem solvers. Freelance developers, while at the top of the game themselves, are not bogged down by loyalty to a particular business and can abandon your project any time they wish; their unreliability is a disadvantage against the other two.


Everyone, including businesses, are on a budget, so it’s a good idea to establish how much money you are willing to spend on MS Dynamics developers. This way, you can also get a good idea of the number of developers you can afford to hire. Ideally, you should check the average rates for all three entities: in-house, freelance, and outsourcing companies. No matter the cost, you should ensure that their skills match your requirements. You should definitely hire a remote Microsoft-certified Dynamics CRM Developer who has sharp expertise and good experience under their belt.

Qualification Level

The quality of the work and the money you are paying for it should lead you to choose a professional that is at the right level for Dynamics development. The experts who are ‘solution architects’ are top-tier developers and have the highest price on the market. As the name suggests, they are highly sought after because they can deliver prime solutions in little to no time. However, there are mid-experience developers who don’t cost as much but still have strong experience. For simple tasks or troubleshooting, junior developers work just fine. Whoever you choose to hire should be based on the skills required for that particular project.

Interviewing the Developers

Before you interview developers, do your research thoroughly. The interview questions alone won’t give you the whole story. Make sure that you check the developer’s portfolio beforehand. Below is a list of questions you can use while interviewing potential candidates:

  • Tell me about your experience in the field and the qualifications for the work.
  • Is there a portfolio for related projects? (if yes) May I see it?
  • Do you possess any awards, certificates, or customer feedback I can take a look at?
  • What would be your method of delivering reports of tasks completed and/or supporting documents?
  • We may have work in different time zones, how comfortable are you with that?

While taking account of the answers themselves, make sure you focus on how prepared they are and particularly how they explain budgeting and time estimates. They should be able to adapt to any requirements that should arise. Additionally, check if the expert has a custom use case of a similar or another project you are currently dealing with.


Given these points, we can say that the overall process of hiring a Microsoft 365 Dynamics Developer is a simple one if you interpret the purpose behind it. You can hire Microsoft-certified developers from us; we have the right certifications and experience working with various industries!


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