Helping NonProfits With a Digital Solution

Helping NonProfits With a Digital Solution

Nonprofits are the saviors of the people and nature that we abandon. They are the backbone of the people who need support. But even they need someone to back them up. Someone or something that can help them manage their funds, donations, and volunteers. That’s when we and our Salesforce NonProfit portal come into the picture.

What is Salesforce for Nonprofit?

Salesforce has been in the CRM game for a long time and is one of the most popular and advanced CRMs. They wanted to start an NGO-specific CRM platform, and thus Salesforce for Nonprofit was born.

List the advantages of Salesforce for Nonprofit

For any nonprofit, Salesforce has a great deal of advantages with Salesforce for Nonprofit. Its modules are specifically for NGO operations and therefore help streamline them.

NGOs get a unified view of all their supporters and get rough data on them. This data can easily be translated into valuable information to get a much deeper insight into each supporter, campaign and funds received. With this data, NGOs can better understand the impact and reach of their campaigns and organization in general. Leveraging this insight, they can jump into the nitty-gritty of the following fundraising campaign and tailor it to get the best results.

Let’s walk through the benefits it especially has for volunteers and donors.

Volunteer management:

Any NGO that wants to function smoothly needs volunteers. But volunteer management is quite complex. Volunteers need to know their tasks, the time they have put in, donation details, fund management, and everything in between.

With Salesforce for Nonprofit, admin can onboard volunteers based on their requirements and the volunteer’s skill set. They can assign tasks to volunteers, have them manage their own time and tasks, etc. Volunteers can also view the donations, set up campaigns, and manage them.

Donor benefits:

NGOs often work for specific causes and tie up with organizations in need. This, in turn, means that they also have regular donors. Regular donors also generally donate to specific organizations and causes which might mean something to them or they may feel strongly about. With the Salesforce for Nonprofit platform, NGOs can make it easy for donors to use a channel of their preference and get interaction data to understand supporter engagement.

With easy digital payment integrated into it, donors can securely support the NGO, whether they are one-time donors or regular contributors.

But the Salesforce for Nonprofit alone might not always do the trick. For one, it can get slightly expensive. CRMJetty makes a special portal for Salesforce for Nonprofit, which complements it seamlessly. Take a look at how one of the clients had a very specific requirement that we managed with our portal.

How CRMJetty helps nonprofit organizations to succeed

One of our NGO clients that helps homeless communities with food, shelter, and everything else, needed a platform to help manage funds, donations, and volunteers. They had specific requirements: log entry, volunteer work management, donation tracking, inquiry management, etc. Here’s how we helped them out.

Requirements and Our Solution

Custom Features

The primary requirement was a unified platform that offers donor management and a volunteer management module. They also needed features to manage logs, upcoming events, inquiries, reports, and year-end reports. To provide this, we had to combine our Salesforce portal with the Salesforce NPSP package.

Since the flow was entirely different, we built a custom solution with NGO-specific modules and flow using our Salesforce NonProfit Portal.

Layered Sign-in Process

They needed a layered sign-in process with bifurcations such as new donors, existing donors, portal sign-up, sign-in, etc. Hence, we set their signup process in 4 layers so that when a user signs up, they are directed to the right page based on their previous interactions with the NGO.

Custom Menu

Our client wanted a feature that would allow them to add custom tabs in the menu whenever and wherever required. So, we provided custom menu settings using which they can add and remove tabs.

Extra Modules

In volunteer management, they needed custom features like a volunteer calendar, volunteer waiver form, and operations. Hence, we created a custom volunteer calendar in the portal. It will give them real-time updates about their volunteer activities and tasks. We also included a dynamic volunteer waiver form based on logged-in users and their application form status.


They were able to manage their volunteers and donors effectively. The respective people were able to track the activities and keep an eye on overall NGO operations. With a custom nonprofit portal, they were able to curb miscommunication and mismanagement.

Similarly, if you have any specific requirements, we can help you with custom portal development.

Why CRMJetty

CRMJetty has years of experience in portal development. No matter how complex or unique your requirement is or whichever industry you belong to, we can develop a custom solution to help you streamline your business operations.


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