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Dynamics 365 Portal: A Sure-Shot Way to Enhance CX and Increase Business Productivity

Dynamics 365 Portal: A Sure-Shot Way to Enhance CX and Increase Business Productivity

Shruti Bhatt

Building a huge loyal customer base is a primary goal of any business, but it doesn’t come easy. It needs many strategies, tools, and trends to implement in order to provide the best customer experience. And amidst the competition you are surviving, it becomes more challenging to mark your brand’s name in the market as everyone strives to enhance customer experience. Here the key is investing in technology that can benefit you and your customers. It will save extra costs and effort.

Dynamics 365 portal is one investment you can make to enhance customer experience and streamline your business tasks. In this article, we will see how the Dynamics 365 portal can benefit your CRM customers and enhance their experience along with helping your business to manage and streamline its daily activities:

For Customers

Mobile Responsive

Every day the number of people using mobile phones is increasing in huge numbers. This makes it necessary to have a mobile responsive portal. With Dynamics 365 portal, you can provide the convenience of smartphone usage to customers for any and every need, be it for ordering products or availing self-service. With the right portal, you don’t have to worry about the load time as it will be fast enough to engage customers.

With features working in smartphones exactly as any other interface, you can have more engagement rate as people will have the flexibility to access your business portal anytime they want from their smartphones.

Enables Self-Service

People are too busy to wait for your customer service reps to reply to their queries; they want their answers instantly. With self-service features, they can find their solutions quickly at their convenience without human interference. With knowledge base articles, FAQs, videos, chatbots, etc., you can provide a seamless self-service facility on your site.

A portal functions as a collection of information about each interaction that a customer has with a brand. This means they can get almost all their answers from it, be it their past orders, order tracking, exchange details, updating their contact information, etc.

You can also build an online community with experts and users where people can ask questions and get answers from experienced experts in the industry. Here, you can also post blogs or tips by experts to help your customers resolve their queries and learn something new about the product and its uses in the industry.

The other benefit of self-service is having data on the common queries or problems your customers face. It will help you to figure out the main problem and take the necessary actions to solve them. This way, you can enhance the customer experience of future customers.

You can integrate the customer portal with your CRM and ticketing system to provide self-service. Your reps can have streamlined requests as per the priority, making them more productive and resolving the issues quickly and efficiently.

Provide Personalized Experience

With customization, you can provide a personalized experience to your customers via Dynamics 365 customer portal. You can collect all the data of what an individual customer is interested in by knowing their top searches, order history, maximum clicks, etc. This way, you can analyze the data and display the products or services that can solve their pain points and which interest them. This way, they will get personalized suggestions, and you will get more sales!

24*7 Support

As mentioned above, self-service is a solution to many major problems, and one of its prominent benefits is that it is accessible 24/7. So, customers can have their queries solved at any time from any device without any hassle or human assistance.

Simplified Payment

With Dynamics 365 portal, you can make online payment processes hassle-free and safe for your customers. Customers are willing to pay online to avoid the hassle of the exact amount in cash on delivery. But they also need to be sure that your platform is safe to enter their credentials for online payment. With portals, you can enable them to pay via credit card or debit card without the need to leave the portal interface. This will eliminate the constant switching to bank apps and your business app for customers, which they will well appreciate.

With multiple payment options, customers can pay online securely and efficiently. All this will enhance their customer experience and make them trust your brand even more.

For Organization

Enhances Productivity of Your Staff

Your staff can help consumers productively and with quality only when they can focus on the customer’s complex queries. With the direct link between the CRM and portal, your staff can get all the information directly, rather than sifting through data in the CRM. Quick updates on the dashboard can give an an idea about the number of sales, active shopping bags and so on. This dashboard everyone can configure based on their requirement.

With an accurate portal, you can make this task easier for them and have more of their focus on the necessary things. It will ensure that the concerning customer service rep is allocated the right tasks with a priority list. But as discussed earlier, with a self-service portal, you can make customers self-sufficient to find the solutions to their requirements and queries.

Improved Engagement

If we talk about customer engagement, then Dynamics 365 customer portals are the best way to gain maximum out of your site. With the right services and help like articles, informative videos, or educational content, you can make an impression on customers that you have the knowledge of the industry and gain their trust.

With the community growth, you can engage more customers to participate in the community to question or answer the queries or talk about their experience of your product or services, etc. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about customer engagement when you provide them with the right assistance with complex queries and mobile responsiveness features.

Feedback Learning

With Dynamics 365 portals, conducting a survey and collecting product reviews on your offerings is easier. Feedback gained from customers will help you know what customers demand and expectations from your company. Reviews will also give you an insight into the offerings that are succeeding in sales and which product or service is loved by customers. Plus, through their feedback, you can know the pain points and the difficulties they face in using your offerings. You can add common queries from the feedback to the knowledge base or have a video on resolving common queries, etc. This data will help you to make smarter decisions for your business.

Wrapping Up

Dynamics 365 customer portal is a one-stop solution to enhance your customer’s experience and streamline your business. You can have customized portals for your business to ensure it has all the features and functionalities for your business niche and audience and meets your goals. You can contact a company that offers a portal solution for businesses to avail these benefits.


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