All You Need to Know About a Customer Portal

All You Need to Know About a Customer Portal

If you are searching for a solution that can elevate your customer’s experience, then the customer portal is the perfect solution for you.

You might have already heard some or other things about customer portals. It is a popular solution used by business owners to digitize their businesses and grow in their industry.

The customer portal is to let customers help themselves.

You can let customers resolve their queries independently using self-service options like knowledge-based articles, blogs, videos, FAQs, etc.

With a mobile-friendly customer portal, you can serve convenience to customers to have answers to their queries at any time from anywhere. This will save them time as they will not have to wait for service reps to answer their queries.

Additionally, the portal will eliminate the time and effort required to handle common repeating queries.

After knowing, what a customer portal is, you might have many other questions, and this blog consists of all the answers to your questions like:

  • What are its Benefits?
  • What Features are a Must in a Customer Portal?
  • What to Keep in Mind While Building a Customer Portal?
  • How CRMJetty Can Help to Build a Customer Portal

Let’s get started!

Advantages of a Customer Portal

  • It enables you to provide better customer service with the right features and functionalities.
  • With a mobile responsive portal, you can provide convenience to your customers.
  • With an initiative dashboard, you can increase customer engagement.
  • You can get valuable insights.
  • With automation, you can save time and effort.
  • With centralized data, you don’t have to switch channels.
  • In the end, all this will boost your productivity and customers’ experience.

5 Features You Must Have in Your Customer Portal

Having a list of must-have features is important so you don’t miss out on any important ones.

You can customize your portal with the features you require with CRMJetty! This way, you will only have to pay for the required features.

Let’s have a look at some of the important features of the customer portal:

1. Online Community

Online Community

Having an online community for your customers is a vital part of building a customer portal. It enables a communication channel between you and your customers. You can introduce new products and features with them. They can share their experience with you via forums. You can also respond to your customers’ queries or complaints through the community feature.

2. One-Click Sign-In

Easy login is a necessary feature in your portal. It will enhance customer experience by letting them log in to your portal without hassle. It will save their time and effort to fill out details like age, birth date, interests, etc. It should be done automatically. But how? You can add a social login feature. This will enable customers to register and log in with their social accounts like Google, Facebook, etc. You also need effective user management to let customers edit and maintain their user accounts per their requirements.

3. Easy Navigation

This feature comes without saying. Easy navigation is the most promising way to win customers’ satisfaction. The UI of the portal needs to be clutter-free. You need to think of every way you can make UI more initiative for your customers. For this, you can take help from our experts, who can guide you with the best advice on what will make your customer portal the most user-friendly!

Ensure the functions are easy to understand and that they don’t have to read a manual to navigate your portal.

4. Self Service

When we talk about customer satisfaction, self-service is the first thing to talk about. There will always be some features, products, or functionalities that your customer would need help with. But waiting for your service reps to help them is too time-consuming. This is where you tend to lose the majority of customers. Instead, you can have a self-service section with knowledge base articles, FAQs, manuals, tutorials, etc. This way, your customers can search for their queries and get the solution immediately. It will also engage your customers more on your portal.

5. Search Option

Search Option

A simple way to enhance customer experience is by placing a search icon in the most reachable place on your portal. Customers can quickly search their interests and queries and get relevant results in seconds.

This can also help you as a business to track their interests and most common customers’ query. You can then show them relevant results on dashboards that might interest them and add queries in FAQs to help other customers or have a permanent solution.

You can include many more features in your customer portal like:

customer portal

What to Keep in Mind While Building a Customer Portal

Review Your Resources and Processes

Your resources are the real asset of your company. So, you must ensure that you have the right technology and infrastructure. You also need to ensure that you are dividing work between relevant resources. You need to make the most out of their skills and their expertise.

You need to review your resources to ensure you are not wasting your assets. With the right process, you can develop features and functionalities by keeping your customers’ needs at the center.

Have Eyes on Insights, Reviews, and Market, Always!

While building a portal, you will be required to list down the features and functionalities you need. How will you decide that? By analyzing and tracking the sales, engagements, clicks, etc. You can know your customer’s preferences and interests through this analysis. It will help you know where the modifications are needed and what can be enhanced to provide a quality customer experience.

Market research is an inseparable part of building your portal. You will know the ongoing trends and demands of customers. Ultimately, you will have a portal that will fulfill all your customers’ expectations.

Launch it with a Backup

Once you have your portal built and you release it, there can be chances of some functionalities that need modification. For this, you need a service force that can answer customers’ queries and make quality changes in the portal. How can you know what changes need to be done? With the reviews you get. You need to take customer reviews constructively to make your portal better by making necessary improvements.

Market Your Portal

Marketing your portal is necessary to let customers know what you have for them. You can market it on various social media channels to reach the maximum audience. Highlighting the new portal on your website is a good option too.

How CRMJetty Can Help to Build a Customer Portal

As you read, the customer portal is the trending way of digitalization which will stay in the future. But, to excel at giving the best customer experience, you need a feature-rich portal with all the required functionality. Plus, it should be suitable for your niche and audience to give the best output.

CRMjetty can help you with this. With 15+ years of experience and a team of absolute experts, we ace portal development.

If you want to build a customer portal software that matches your niche, shake hands with us and let the magic happen!


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