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Announcement! Free Webinar on Winning the New Normal with Portals

Four months into a pandemic, it would be funny if I said what everyone has already said. Times are tough, hold on to your businesses, and hope for something better.

But we are not here to tell you that. We want to talk about how you can win and progress in the new normal world we have around us.

For a while there, we hunkered down and held on tight to the things we knew and the things we are great at. Once we accepted that this is a much more permanent change in the way we think about the world, we changed the way we thought.

This is why after weeks of reflecting, strategizing and working on plans, we are happy to announce that CRMJetty is hosting a free webinar on Winning the New Normal with Portals! A webinar where we will be talking about how to innovate even in the face of pandemic and address some of the real-world challenges that you as a business owner might be facing or have faced in the recent days.

Sounds like something worth your time?


Here are some other details that you might be curious about.

Our Speakers

The webinar will be conducted by our Digital Marketing Manager, Parth Pandya, and Product Manager, Jay Jagani. With a combined experience of over 20 years, they have seen the industry landscapes change and been a part of the same.

When is it happening?

Date: 25th August 2020

Time: 7:30 IST/ 10 AM EDT

What you’ll learn:

- Addressing the current global crisis and challenges

- Traditional business model challenges

- Industries that need serious innovation [need of the hour]

- Customer retention and new revenue streams

- How portals can help

Along with an interactive Q/A session!

How to join?

Just click on this button and register yourself by entering your email address. As simple as that!


You won’t have to download any app or set a reminder, as our webinar platform can be accessed from anywhere and on any browser. For reminders, we’ll send you email notifications [not in annoying frequency, we promise]. And since you’ll be visiting our CrowdCast profile, maybe follow us?

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