All You Need to Know about Salesforce Vendor Portal on Community Cloud

All You Need to Know about Salesforce Vendor Portal on Community Cloud

Sulabh Chauhan

May 26th, 2021

B2B organizations typically rely on vendors and channel partners to keep their operations running smoothly and expanding their outreach. That is why the management of partners and vendors is important, as issues in their management can impact a business.

There are different ways you can ensure that you are managing your vendors, partners, and customers efficiently. One of the ways is using a portal to manage them all. A portal brings all your vendors/suppliers, partners, channels, etc., together in one place.

Salesforce also provides its own social media platform that helps B2B organizations manage vendors, partners, customers, and more. If you are also thinking about managing your vendors/suppliers and partners efficiently, here’s the post for you.

In this post, you’ll first learn about Salesforce’s Community Cloud and then Salesforce Vendor Portal. So, let’s begin.

What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online social platform by Salesforce. It enables organizations to connect customers, vendors, partners, and employees with each other. It also lets them share the data and records they need to complete the work. Users can also visit the community to find answers to questions and ask for help from another member.

In short, Community Cloud enables you to streamline your critical business processes and expand them internally in your organization and externally to customers, partners, vendors, and more.

Salesforce Vendor Portal

A Salesforce vendor portal helps you accelerate your sales channels by letting you connect with resellers, distributors, vendors, and partners directly.

Here are its features that help you manage your resellers, redistributors, brokers, or vendors seamlessly.

Data Sharing

Salesforce Vendor Portal helps you connect your vendors to product experts and share the relevant CRM information to the vendors in a secure way. They can track sales assets, product information, and even training and certification courses. This helps your internal and external sales teams collaborate in real-time on sales records, monitor customers’ journey, track revenue, and reduce friction.

Dashboard and Reports

Salesforce Vendor Portal helps you track and rank your vendors and partners. You can share custom dashboards and reports with your vendors and partners. You can also ensure that your vendors/partners are aligning their efforts with your goals and objectives.

Easy Tracking of Vendors’ Progress

The Salesforce Vendor Portal helps you share contacts, leads and records with your partners and vendors. You can also centralize pricing, inventory, and more to make vendor management easier. You can also track different vendors’ progress centrally and build strategies to increase sales if required.

Pricing of Salesforce Vendor Portal

Now that you know the features of the vendor portal and how they help let’s understand the pricing structure.

A Salesforce Vendor Portal costs you €10 per login and €25 per member. Here, members refer to frequent users, and logins refer to infrequent users of the vendor portal.

The features you get in this vendor portal are digital experience management, centralized vendors’ management, online registrations, campaigns, analytics, and more.

CRMJetty’s Vendor Portal Solution – Your One-Stop Solution to Vendors’ Needs

There are different third-party Salesforce vendor portal solutions that you can also use to integrate into your organization. They give you the flexibility to give access to relevant CRM information to multiple vendors at a much nominal price.

If you are looking for such a vendor portal solution, CRMJetty is there to help you. Our vendor portal is a next-gen ready-to-integrate portal for those looking for smooth vendor management.

It has various features that can give you the best flexibility and resources to make your vendor management better and productive.

  • Easy Online Registrations

    With our Salesforce Vendor Portal solution, you can enable your vendors and suppliers to register themselves online easily to become a part of your network.

  • Proposal Invites

    Our vendor portal also lets the interested vendors and suppliers submit their proposals and requests online to collaborate with you. You can ensure your vendors’ and suppliers’ confidentiality and give your team more time to focus on more important tasks other than registrations.

  • Comparison of Vendors and Suppliers

    There is no need to manually record the performance of vendors and evaluate them on that basis every time while renewing the contracts. You can simply assess the proposals and performance based on the previous history in the portal and take decisions accordingly. You can also rank different proposals and requests based on various criteria, including compliance scores, available inventory, delivery time, etc.

  • Invoicing & Payments

    Our vendor portal offers the option to generate purchase orders and invoices and download them directly from within the portal. This helps you save the hassle of manually sending invoices to different vendors or sending them online via email or messages. Further, it reduces the work of vendors as they can simply place the purchase orders online, view and edit them, and view their history. They no longer need to call, email, or text you to place an order. They can log in to the portal and create and place orders in real-time without any fuss.

  • Secure CRM Access

    If required, you can allow your suppliers and vendors to access specific modules securely. You can give them access to only the information they need from your CRM via individual log-in. This helps you optimize operations by sharing the relevant data with the right people and keeps your security intact.

Final Words

Salesforce Community Cloud is a great social platform by Salesforce that can help you connect your suppliers, partners, vendors, and customers. If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to manage vendors, a third-party vendor portal solution provider like CRMJetty can also be a great option.

CRMJetty offers you a launch-ready vendor portal solution for your organization. You can also request customization of features to fit your business logic. In case you want, we can also build a vendor portal from scratch for your business.

So, don’t wait any longer and get yourself a best-in-class Salesforce vendor portal right away.

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