PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal

PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal

A secure and ready-to-integrate cloud portal solutions with SugarCRM as the backend that helps you serve your customers efficiently.
  • A solution without the hassle of hosting & maintenance
  • Effective data management with live synchronization
  • Provide better user experience with page layout builder
  • A ready to integrate solution with easy set up
  • Fully scalable & customizable solution for your business needs
  • A solution that enhances customer engagement
  • Access to self-serve knowledge base for quick support
Key Features

PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal

PortalNest is one of the advanced cloud portal solutions and is the customer relationship smartness that your organization needs. It brings optimum accessibility for your customers to manage their documents, quotes, accounts, cases and build active engagements with you. PortalNest is powered by cross platform technology. Hence, you can not only have a web portal but also Android and iOS application. Its centralized work processing makes your enterprise operations smooth, efficient and error free.

Why Choose PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal?

sugarportalnest customer-portal
  • PortalNest SugarCRM Customer Portal brings a unified point of interaction for customers to connect with you for their complaints, questions, inquiries and requests.
  • It offers you a wide array of business tools to better your relationship with customers.
  • SugarCRM PortalNest Customer Portal expedites your operations and brings an unmatchable efficiency with its seamless functioning.
  • Step beyond the “Between the Office Timings” approach and empower your customers with mobile app to raise tickets anytime and anywhere.
  • User-friendly interface that delivers superior user experience with simplicity.
  • Maintain your CRM contacts as portal users and documents in useful formats.

Features for PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal

Frontend Features for End Users

Why PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal is the Right Choice for You?

  • CRMJetty crafted SugarCRM PortalNest Customer Portal is customized solution available with Mobile application. It helps businesses to suffice complex customers needs in the most convenient way.
  • PortalNest is a ready-to-use scalable customer relationship solution that runs on its own. It is a cloud Customer Portal solution that offers exclusive features for your customers to work in the most efficient way.
sugarportalnest customer-portal

General FAQs

  • What is customer portal and how is it useful?

    Customer Portal is similar to a Self-Service portal in which they provide an online support channel for customers by allowing them to resolve their queries without contacting a customer service representative. Customer portal directly enhances the customer relationships by providing them with the information around the clock.

  • What if I need a customized domain?

    If you need a customized domain, then you just need to get in touch with us or add that as one of your requirements.

  • What should I do if I have different CRM installations?

    In case you have different CRM installed and wish to use our portal on more than one CRM then you will have to purchase another copy of our portal.

  • Do you provide a live demo (on Skype)?

    Yes, you can get a personalized live demonstration from our experts in your time zone and according to your convenience. Click Here for a free guided demo. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes, you can refer our refund policy @https://www.crmjetty.com/refund-policy.htm.

  • May I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it?

    Yes. we do provide transfer of license to another domain

  • Can I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it? If yes, are there any charges for the transfer?

    Yes, you can transfer the license. And no, there are no charges for the transfer.

  • Do you provide installation for the plugin?

    Yes, we do provide free installation service.

Technical FAQs

  • Does it support custom modules of CRM?

    Yes, it supports custom modules of CRM with additional efforts. To know more in detail please contact our support team on Skype at support.biztech.

  • What are the details required to make a connection with CRM?

    You just need your CRM instance URL, CRM admin username and CRM admin password to make a connection. For further details, you can review our user manual guide.

  • What to do in the instance of a connection failure in spite of the correct credentials?

    Steps to follow in case of connection failure:

    Step 1: Check the Customer Portal Plugins related files and make sure that the files have proper file permissions. As per the CRM Installation and upgrade guidelines, we advise you to give 755 recursive file permission to custom and modules directory of your CRM instance.

    Step 2: To avoid possible issues for Portal Connectivity, follow these Troubleshooting steps for PHP Notices, Warnings, and Errors provided by SugarCRM:


  • How do I configure this extension?

    You can refer to our user guide manual for detailed instructions to assist on configuration.

  • Can I assign different module access to different users?

    Yes. You can create a group of users and assign different module access rights to a group(s) from portal admin.

  • Does your portal support custom fields?

    Yes, our portal supports custom fields. You just need to drag and drop them into your module's layout.

  • How can I modify the fields that I want the user to manage from Portal?

    You can drag and drop the fields from portal admin that you want to display on your customer portal.

  • How do I change the layout of my page?

    We provide readymade blocks in the portal admin which enables the user to change the layout of portal pages. You just need to drag and drop the blocks and then update settings.

  • Can users downloadand upload documents from the portal?

    Yes, the user can udownloadand upload documents from the portal if the admin has granted such access.

  • Can I make changes in the emails which my customer will get when they register on the Customer Portal?

    Yes, you can modify email templates from the portal admin for which your customers and sub-admins are going to get.

  • Can I grant different access rights to my sub-admins?

    Yes. You can set section access for each of your sub-admin from the main portal admin.

  • Can my customers make an invoice payment directly from the portal?

    No, currently this feature is not available for PortalNest. But you can get in touch with us if in case you want to integrate a feature like that.

  • Is your portal compatible with Android phones, iPad and iPhone?

    Yes. You will get an Android and iOS app for the portal.

$749 /Year
$1199 /Year
Features Standard
$749 /Year $1199 /Year
Admin Users
(Admin user are the ones who can manage foundational setup, cloud content, and portal users.)
Portal Users
(Portal users are end-users who can manage their account, information, solutions, and resources by themselves through portal website or mobile application.)
Up to 3,000Up to 8,0008,000+
Points To Note

Points To Note

For the PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal to be installed accurately, and work as per the described functionality, below requirements must be met.

  • You should be able to login as an Administrator in CRM for installation.
  • Check that your SugarCRM Instance is compatible for Portal.
  • If you are installing Portal, make sure that no older version of the plugin is already installed on PortalNest: SugarCRM Customer Portal. If there is any then you should uninstall that plug-in first.
Community Edition 6.5.* to 6.5.26 Professional Edition 6.5.* to 8.0 Enterprise Edition 6.5.* to 8.0

How to Set-up?

CRM Integration

Once you have completed the Product Purchase, you would require to install package on your CRM. You can also share credentials with us and we will install and configure same for you.

Portal Configuration

It will take 2-3 business days to setup your desktop portal. Once done, we will send an email with portal credentials.

Portal Setup

  • You need to connect your CRM with your portal from portal admin and follow necessary steps to enable portal for your customers.
  • The flow will setup default data for you so it will guide you further change as well.

App Launch

  • In order for us to setup your mobile app, we would need your inputs and source file for the logo.
  • Post adding your brand identity in your mobile app, we will test the app for a set of use cases.
  • Once completed, we will share the app file with the you to be submitted to Google Play and App Store.
  • If you want us to submit the app on marketplaces, we would need login credentials and marketing collateral from your end.
  • In case there are concerns from marketplace with respect to coding, we will rectify the issue from our end. You might have to take care of other issues.

Portal Training

Once the demo product setup is completed, we will arrange a training call for explaining the ins and outs of the product. We will explain you the whole system and its workflow in our training.

Go Live

Once all the setup process is completed, you are good to go to connect directly with your customers.

Change Log

Change Log

Version 1.0 : June 20, 2018
  • PortalNest SugarCRM Customer Portal is Released.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


    Bringing the power of PortalNest and sugracrm together for my business has been one of the best decisions. It has helped to streamline the operations and increased productivity of my employees.

    Jackson (Posted on 8 July 2020)
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