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DeskXpand is a fully automated and omnichannel solution that serves all the customer support needs of small to large businesses.

Why DeskXpand: Benefits

  • Extensive Self-help Knowledge Base

    Extensive Self-help Knowledge Base

    Get more website traffic using a customized knowledge base and mark your brand as informative and resourceful.

  • Adaptable and Convenient

    Adaptable and Convenient

    No more juggling between various tools and accounts. With DeskXpand customer support software, your agents can answer emails, calls and chat from one place.

  • Be there for your customers 24*7

    Be there for your customers 24*7

    Improve visibility and cater to your customers 24*7 with DeskXpand customer service software.

  • No External CRM Integrations Required

    No External CRM Integrations Required

    No need to integrate a CRM system externally, DeskXpand Customer Service Software comes with an inbuilt CRM.

  • Flexible Customization

    Flexible Customization

    Customize your customer support software fully to make it a cohesive experience. The support software is a part of your brand and a matching user interface reinforces that.

  • Automate and Increase Efficiency

    Automate and Increase Efficiency

    Reduce high-cost, laborious and redundant data entry tasks by automating your helpdesk ticket system.

Automate Workflows for Faster Response

Create workflows using automations to route issues to the right team or to the most appropriate agent for a more efficient, and faster response.

Customer Support Software Features

Automated Ticketing

Automate the ticket assignment process and save your time to solve complex problems using our helpdesk ticket system. And there's more...

  • Manage processes like ticket categorization, ticket routing, alerts and notifications, and ticket status management.

  • Enable Hierarchical Escalations to reduce delay in addressing complaints with DeskXpand helpdesk ticketing system.

  • Prevent employees from cherry picking the tickets and enforce issue prioritization.

  • You can also make the ticket progress cycle visible to everyone involved and track the progress of each ticket.

Automated Ticketing

Fuel Teamwork and Efficiency

Customer support requires collaborative teamwork from multiple departments. DeskXpand customer service software helps you do this easily and efficiently.

  • Help your agents solve the tickets faster together and reduce support costs.

  • Improve internal and customer communication with internal chat options within the ticket.

  • Enable dialogues between teams across the organization to solve complex problems swiftly.

  • Empower your customer support agents with a knowledge base specially built for agents to address higher volume of service tickets

Fuel Teamwork and Efficiency

Contextual Collaboration

When support reps are able to work together seamlessly, they ultimately make each other’s jobs easy. With DeskXpand customer service software you can do this effectively.

  • Find out repetitive issues or new needs by tracking the interactions of customers within the Helpdesk.

  • Distribute the customer support requests more evenly and appropriately and to keep stress levels low.

Contextual Collaboration

Enrich Portal with Knowledge Base

Design Knowledge Base for customers and help your customers help themselves.


It is difficult to provide adequate service to all customers if you only leverage one support channel. Offer your customers omnichannel support with DeskXpand Customer Service software and allow them to interact with you in numerous ways.

  • Enable businesses to meet customers on their own level. Offer maximum convenience through an omnichannel approach.

  • No more juggling between various websites, passwords and tools. Streamline multiple communication channels like Phone, Chat, Email, Social Media etc. in one place.

  • Let your customers interact with you through various support channels like self-support, live chat, knowledge base and so on.

  • Each individual support channel offers a specific type of customer communication and serves a specific purpose.


Knowledge Base

Hold your customer’s hand as you sell hundreds of thousands of products. Increase brand loyalty with self-service knowledge base portal.

  • Build and maintain a consistent knowledge base to provide high-quality customer service to your customers.

  • Provide customers and prospects with instant access to the information they need and the ability to resolve product or service issues on their own.

  • You can create knowledge bases for both, your customers and employees.

  • While setting up a knowledge base, bifurcate your articles in categories based on your products, services, types of customers, and so on.

knowledge base


Gather and analyze different sorts of customer data and metrics, in order to get valuable insights and evaluate your strategy to design better customer experiences.

  • Collect data from support tickets to live chat, emails, feedback comments and so on.

  • Combine quantitative and qualitative data to understand client expectations from your product and services.

  • Analyze the customer journey to identify the most frequent issues that customers encounter with our customer support software.

  • You can also use these analytics to predict the behavior of prospective clients based on previous customer actions. This way you can be better prepared to assist them.

Customer Service

Choose the right Customer Service Software for your business

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  • ISO27001 Certified: Your data is safe while using our products and our services

  • Experienced and Efficient:We have 14+ years of development experience

  • Portal Genius:We have ready to integrate solutions for Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and DeskXpand for independent integrations

  • Flexibility:We build products that can be customized for your present and future needs

  • Certified Developers:DeskXpand is built by functional experts and built by developers with certifications in their respective fields

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