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Streamlined a Healthcare’s Clinician Recruitment

Client Background:

Our client is a national healthcare staffing company specializing in placing temporary allied health and specialty nurse clinicians at facilities across all 50 states in the U.S. They recognized the need to modernize their operations by implementing an online portal solution to streamline their processes and enhance the experience for their clinicians.

Client Requirements:

We got very specific requirements for their portal:

  • Clinicians should be able to see the open jobs based on their location and clinician type.
  • Clinicians should be able to filter jobs by searching with a keyword or by selecting location, role and type.
  • They wanted the clinicians to be able to favorite any job or apply for any job from the portal.
  • Clinicians should be able to see the jobs they have applied for.
  • Allow clinicians to upload required documents from the portal and they should also be able see uploaded documents category wise.
  • They required the ability to store clinician’s uploaded document in Box.

Our Solution:

To address the client’s requirements, we developed a comprehensive portal solution that empowered their clinicians in the following ways:

  • Job Listing and Filtering: Clinicians can log in to the portal and view a list of open jobs specifically tailored to their location and clinician type.
  • Job Favoriting and Application: Clinicians can easily favorite jobs of interest and apply for positions directly from the portal.
  • Detailed Job View: Clicking on a job listing provides clinicians with a detailed view page, offering a comprehensive summary of the job, including the duration, required certifications, and other relevant details.
  • Application Tracking: Clinicians can access the "My Account" menu to track and review their past and current job applications.
  • Document Management: The portal features a "My Documents" menu, allowing clinicians to upload and categorize their required documents. They can also view the list of documents they have uploaded, sorted by document category.
  • Box Integration: The portal seamlessly integrates with Box, ensuring that all clinician documents uploaded through the portal are securely stored in the designated Box account.


The implementation of the portal solution provided numerous benefits to the client and their clinicians:

  • Enhanced Job Access and Application: Clinicians can conveniently log in to the portal to browse and apply for relevant job opportunities, saving time and effort.
  • Streamlined Application Tracking: Clinicians can easily track the status of their job applications, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups.
  • Simplified Document Management: Clinicians can upload and categorize their required documents directly through the portal, improving document organization and access.
  • Secure Document Storage: The integration with Box ensures that all uploaded clinician documents are securely stored, meeting compliance and confidentiality requirements.

By developing and implementing the online portal solution, the client successfully modernized their operations and improved the overall experience for their clinicians. The portal's features, including job visibility, filtering, application tracking, and document management, streamlined the recruitment process and empowered clinicians to efficiently manage their applications and documents. This successful collaboration showcased our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that align with our client's specific needs.


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