Streamlining the management of donations and volunteers using an NGO portal

  1. Orange County Rescue Mission


    Orange County Rescue Mission (OCRM) is a non-profit organization located in Tustin, California. They are on a mission to help the homeless community by providing legal services, education, counseling, meals, shelter, and much more. Our donor portal aims to make it easier for donors to not only donate items that OCRM needs, but also give financially. Anyone who wants to volunteer can inquire and apply to the organization as well.

  2. Requirements

    The primary requirement was to create an interface that OCRM’s donors and volunteers could easily use. The unified platform would allow them to track their donations, whether they be recurring or one time. The volunteers would also be able to manage and track the amount of hours they volunteer at OCRM. They also needed the system to log their daily routines, manage upcoming events, manage inquiries and reports, download year-end receipts of their donations, and more.

    • Portal + NPSP Package:

      The client needed to combine our Salesforce portal with the Salesforce NPSP package, while defining an entirely new flow per our client’s industry (i.e. Nonprofit).

    • Layered Signup Process:

      The sign-up process for the portal needed to be layered and bifurcated based on certain aspects such as: first time donor, existing donor, portal sign-up, or sign-in.

    • Custom Menu:

      The client wanted to add certain tabs in the menu of the portal when required.

    • Extra Modules:

      The client needed to add extra modules—a volunteer calendar, a volunteer waiver form, and operations—according to their business logic and operation flow.

  3. Solutions

    • A Custom Product:

      We developed a custom product, with NGO specific modules and flow, using the Non-profit Salesforce CRM.

    • Four Tiered Sign up Process:

      The signup process was set up in four layers so that when a volunteer signed up, he/she was addressed in the right manner depending on his/her previous interactions with the organization or lack thereof.

    • Custom Menu Field:

      We have provided a custom menu setting in WordPress so that the client can add custom menus from the backend when required.

    • Custom Modules:

      We integrated a Volunteer Calendar in the portal which can give volunteers real-time event information. We also added a Volunteer Waiver form that displays a dynamic form based on the logged-in user and where he/she is in the application process.

  4. Results

    OCRM is able to provide a neat interface for their donors and volunteers. With this interface, volunteers and donors can keep track of their activities regarding the Rescue Mission. This, in turn, helps OCRM maintain better relationships with their volunteers and donors by effectively eliminating struggles of miscommunication and mismanagement.

  5. Why CRMJetty

    • CRMJetty has the industry expertise to cater to any of your requirements when it comes to portals. No matter how complex your business logic might be, we can create an automated flow to help you save your time and resources.


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