Empowering People with Salesforce WordPress Customer Portal

  1. Introduction:

    Arts & Minds is a not-for-profit organization that connects people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to art through museum based experiences. They help them to express their thoughts and improve their verbal and non-verbal communication with meaningful art-centered activities. A short trip to museums and art centers empowers people with dementia to strengthen their social, emotional, and spiritual bond.

  2. Requirement:

    The client had specific requirements that included selecting multiple events at once and data synchronization with Salesforce. The reason is previously their events were listed and managed in WordPress Admin. Volunteers had to register for events manually one at a time.

    It was difficult to manage and access the information of the events for volunteers. Hence, they required a custom non-profit portal that allows accessing information related to events.

  3. Solutions:

    We customized the non profit customer portal by including field map settings, auto synchronization, short codes for events, and portal access.

    • We provided field map settings to sync Salesforce event objects’ fields to WordPress events’ fields. This ensures that any new event created in WordPress automatically syncs in Salesforce.

    • Next, we added short codes so that the client can list events in any WordPress pages. They can visit pages and select events and register themselves, with dynamic form layout. On registering, customers can then access the portal.

  4. Results:

    The result is that their customers can now register for events themselves, that too, multiple events at the same time. Besides, there’s no manual data transfer. The events auto sync in Salesforce and WordPress.


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